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Greatest Chinese Dance & Chinese Music! Shen Yun @ Lincoln Center: CiCiLicious Vlog #54


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Shen Yun, a nonprofit organization based in New York, is the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company. With a mission to revive the spirit of traditional Chinese culture, arts and values, in just a few years Shen Yun Performing Arts has taken the world by storm with millions of people having been enthralled and inspired by its beauty and grace. “5000 Years in the Making”…it’s a show not to be missed!

Cool tricks! Open champagne bottle with sword! CiCiLicious Vlog #53


Cool Tricks & Party Up! Open a champagne or a sparkling wine bottle with a sword. Get some advices from Sparkling Pointe sword master Gilles Martin. Sparkling Pointe Winery is the only exclusive Sparkling Wine Vineyard in Long Island, NY! Located on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island approximately 2 hours east of Manhattan, they currently offer four different sparkling wines all made using the traditional French Methode Champenoise. Enjoy!


Sparkling Pointe
39750 County Road 48
Southold NY 11971

Top Chef Cooks Chinese Food! Stewed Chicken Mushrooms: CiCiLicious Vlog #52


Top Chef Angelo Sosa is challenged to cook Chinese food today on our cooking show! Check this out: The cuisine of Northeastern China refers to the cuisines of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces, and it has been well known since ancient times. It originated from the Jin Dynasty during the early 12th century. Due to the cold weather in the region, people are accustomed to eating very hot food, and so cooking techniques such as casserole, hot-pot, and roasting were developed. In the 1930′s, the last emperor Fuyi established his Manchurian Imperial court in Changchun and Changchun became a political center of the time. Other than the Imperial chefs from the Forbidden City in Peking, many famous chefs from Shandong went to work in the imperial kitchen. They combined the Shandong and imperial cuisines with the local Jilin folk cuisine and developed today’s Northeastern Chinese cuisine.


The main body of Northeastern cuisine is the local folk cuisine using casserole, stir-fry, qiang, and marinating techniques. It also includes traditional techniques used in the imperial court. Northeastern cuisine utilizes the native crops of its mountainous land to its advantage, and is famed for its wild game dishes. Knife skills, shovel skills, command of fire and fire temperature are important in its Chefs’ training. Cooking techniques make use of quick stir-fry over high heat, stir-fry over low heat, stewing, barbecuing, glazing and so on. Its dishes are tender but not rare, well-done but not tough. It is rich in flavors and its dishes are sumptuous and substantial.

The Greatest Food & Travel Video in Theater District NYC with CiCi Li!

A Gateway to Culture Through Food


Let’s eat our way through NYC with Foodie CiCi Li



Ian Blei, Optimized Results
Mark Levy, Overland


Today, Cici visited the theater District of New York: Times Square and Broadway, where the entertainment industry started in America. Her journey included a bowling alley, Bryant Park, two amazing French restaurants, and of course a Broadway show.


For a truly unique experience, CiCi started her day at Leisure Time Bowling; below the depths of Port Authority. Surprisingly upscale, and boasting unique cocktails and a video game parlor, CiCi showed her prowess on the lanes.


Next was Le Perigord, named after a region in France known as a culinary Mecca, and as elegant and chic as its old world name suggests. Lunch Buffet doesn’t get fancier than this.


Afterward, CiCi went for a walk in Bryant Park, located between Times Square and Grand Central Station. If it had been evening, there would’ve been a concert happening, but the empty stage was still inviting.


After Bryant Park, CiCi went back to Times Square and was dazzled by the lights and marquees announcing all the shows, including “In the Heights,” the show she was going to see that evening. As a special surprise, CiCi got to meet with Shaun Taylor-Corbett, who plays Sonny in the show. “In the Heights” illustrates the real New York City, with its colorful characters bonding together to persevere.


CiCi fortified herself with another amazing meal before the show, with a stop at Le Bernardin; known for some of the best French seafood in New York. Chef Eric Ripert strives to create dishes that feature the fish as the star of the “show.” CiCi got an extra treat watching the creations take place in the kitchen, topping it off with CiCi’s favorite part of any meal: a beautiful dessert.


For the perfect ending to her Theater District adventure, CiCi went to see the Tony Award winning “In The Heights,” filled with all the passion and flavor of NYC. The Theater District is the embodiment of America’s entertainment birthplace. It’s filled with everything from arcades to fine dining to live music to theatrical performances. When you hear the word “Broadway,” you know exactly where you are. Even “In The Heights,” shines as the real New York City; all about sharing dance, music, food, and friendship.


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