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Fun Things to Do at Turin in Italy! CiCiLicious Vlog #71

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All the beauties of Piedmont are summarized and celebrated in its regional capital. Roman (the Porte Palatine remind its origins), then Romanesque, Baroque and up to modern days architecture. There aremore than 40museums hosting precious things, which are often unique specimens in Italy and abroad. The EgyptianMuseumis the second most important museum in the world after the one in Cairo. The Museo Nazionale del Cinema [NationalMuseumof Cinema] is one of a kind, with a vertical structure (3,200 sq. metres on 5 floors) in themagical setting of theMole Antonelliana that, with its “audacious” 167-metre height, is the symbol of this city in the world.


Turin is the European capital of Baroque, which marked the city’s cultural flourishing (Palazzo Carignano, Piazza San Carlo – the city’smeeting point, the San Lorenzo and San Filippo churches) and characterizes its surroundings (the Royal Residences, the Reggia di Venaria, the Castello di Rivoli…); but the city is also Art Nouveau, the floral style that embellishes the city’s elegant districts the villas under the hills and, above all, the cafés where the high life has been enjoyed since the 1800s. It was the capital of Italy, and today it is the city of contemporary art and design, where themost important architects in the world create cutting edge urban projects.


The Savoy monarchy was mainly “warlike”, but the use ofweaponswas alwaysmatched by a passion for art, theatre,music, parks and gardens. The court hosted architects, painters and people of letters; it organized superb parties and hunting events: exclusive leisure activities that became a point of reference for European aristocrats. There are 15 Savoy Residences -UNESCO WorldHeritage Sites – and they represent an important cultural route: five of themare in the city (Palazzo Reale, PalazzoMadama, Palazzo Carignano, Castello del Valentino and Villa della Regina), the others are in the surroundings, (e.g., the StupinigiHunting Lodge, the castles of Rivoli – hosting the importantMuseumof Contemporary Art, Moncalieri, Agliè and, of course, the Reggia di Venaria). The residences were completed around themiddle 18th Century and are also known as the “delightful crown” as they surround Turin like a ring.


There aremany facets that are the ingredients of its charm. Turin means museums, music, cinema, culture, art and spirit; but also antiques, bibliophily, and shopping. But Turin is also sweet – with its chocolate, pastries andmany other unique delicacies such as “bicerin”, cakes and candies – as well as savoury, with the traditional aperitif “rite” and typical recipes. The local cuisine has become a worldwide famous feature. The research for often unique ingredients, always natural, the creativity and ability of cooks, confectioners and chocolate makers are the basis of the local culture and passion for good food, which is represented by the many trattorias as well as luxury restaurants.

How to Cook Perfect Porterhouse Steak? @Empire Steakhouse: CiCiLicious Vlog #70

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Let’s learn how to cook perfect porterhouse steak at Empire Steakhouse with Jack today!


“At Empire Steakhouse, our passionate commitment to serving great steaks is matched only by our dedication to providing the highest-quality service.


Founded by Jeff Sinanaj, along with his brothers-owners of the storied Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse – Empire Steakhouse proudly brings the time honored tradition of quality steaks to Midtown West. With a combined experience of over 25 years as former Peter Luger Waiters, the Sinanaj Brothers are experts at providing the finest dining experience.


Empire’s famous porterhouse for two is a standout. Equally impressive are the succulent seafood dishes, superb side dishes, and knockout desserts. The food is complemented by a wine list that is expansive, yet highly selective – and features many of California’s most sought-after vintages.


The room at Empire is also a highlight. A temple of glass and steel, large windows and ample light abound. The overall feeling is bright, warm and inviting… all perfect accompaniments to the delicious cuisine. ”


Empire Steak House
36 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Learn Japanese Song & Dance: Okinawa Ryukyu Folk Music! CiCiLicious Vlog #69

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Hey everyone, today let’s learn Japanese song, culture, and dance in Okinawa Ryukyu folk music! PS: Indeed, this is behind the scene of me filming “Travel in the World”. Check out my website for the TV show!!


Junko began practicing Ryukyu Dance at the age of five when her mother, also a dancer, began taking Junko along to dance school. Starting with her first performance at the age of seven, at the Yomitan Village Town Hall, Junko had numerous performance experiences during her years in Okinawa.


Moving to Tokyo after graduating high school, Junko studied Japanese traditional dance at the Gojo Ryu School while attending college, and she attained a certificate of Natori, Gojo Miyano. Her first performance in that style was at the National Theater in Tokyo in 1985.
A member of the Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai Ryukyu Dance and Music School


Junko resides in New York City and performs at cultural events and recitals in the New York metropolitan area, focusing on the Ryukyu Performing Arts. Junko has 28 years’ experience dancing, including Japanese and Okinawan dance. She also performs on the Okinawan sanshin and sings traditional Okinawan folk songs.


She offers a broad range of programs including lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and other dance and musical performances ranging in duration from 25 minutes to two hours.


Junko has been offering a 90-minute lecture and demonstration program at the Queens Library since 2009, as a part of the adult educational program. The program includes demonstrations of dance and music, background on Ryukyuan history, and a very popular dance workshop.

The Greatest Food & Travel: East Village, NYC with CiCi!

A Gateway to Culture Through Food


Let’s eat our way through NYC with Foodie CiCi Li



Ian Blei, Optimized Results
Mark Levy, Overland


Today CiCi is exploring the East Village, a part of Greenwich Village containing a little Japantown area, and many hidden treasures to discover and share.


She began the day with “Cha-An,” a very special teahouse, where the traditional tea ceremony is performed with great care and artistry. Upstairs is a little oasis from the busy streets, so the spiritual nature of the tea ceremony can be enjoyed. CiCi’s new friend and neighborhood tour guide, Mr. Bon Yagi taught her about the ceremony.


Back on the busy street, CiCi’s visited “Luke’s Lobster” to try their Lobster Rolls. Luke’s family are lobster fishermen from Maine; a state famous for lobster. The rolls are packed with tons of fresh lobster, butter, and special sauce.


Afterward, CiCi walked with Mr. Yagi around the neighborhood learning about its history, including a memorial site for Commodore Perry one could easily pass without noticing.


For lunch, CiCi and Mr. Yagi went to his restaurant, “Shabu Tatsu” for shabu-shabu, which means “swish-swish.” This is a special kind of hot pot cooking where you swish thinly sliced meats and vegetables in a hot pot of water at the table, and then swish them again in sauces like sesame sauce for seasoning.


After lunch, CiCi walked around some more, and was drawn to a delicious aroma coming from the “Chikalicious Dessert Bar.” CiCi loves dessert, and along with the light and delicate green tea shaved ice, she sampled the chocolate mousse cake.


For dinner, CiCi and her friends joined Mr. Yagi once again at the “Hasaki” wine and sake bar. “Hasaki” is decorated in a unique Japanese Kitsch style, with masks, labels, and patron signatures on the walls. Mr. Yagi taught them about how sake is made.


After her day in the East Village, CiCi reflected on Japanese traditions and food, as well as the special dessert and lobster rolls. Once again, New York offered such diversity and cultural exploration.

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