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She is interested in you! Hahaha! Body language: CiCiLicious Vlog #51


Hahaha! Check out this!


1. Hair touch
2. Hands below her chin
3. Knees and/or toes pointing at you
4. Wrist and palm is exposed to you
5. She follows your movement


Many of the signs are subconscious and we may not even notice them. When we do these in real life they may not be as obvious as my video.The signs could have different meaning based on different situation.


Men are often confused because women’s verbal and nonverbal messages seem to conflict, sending him “mixed signals.” Here is the key: experts predict that 7% of a woman’s attraction is shown through her verbal communication; 38% from her tone and 50% from her body language.

Chinese Food: Sauteed Fish (豉汁炒魚片): CiCiLicious Vlog #50


Today Let’s learn to cook Chinese Food. Cantonese cuisine originates from Guangdong Province and is made up of cuisines from three principal areas: Guangzhou, Chaozhou, and Dongjiang. Cantonese cuisine is known for its wide use of ingredients and creativity.


Since the Han and Wei Dynasty (206 BC — 265 AD), Guangzhou (also called Canton) has been a major port city in South China. It is situated in the subtropics, bordering on the South China Sea. The rainfall is abundant; the area is rich in produce; fresh seafood and delicacies abound year round; and different fruits and vegetables are always in season. Cantonese chefs are known for their creativity while imitating other cuisine styles. Cantonese cuisine has absorbed the features of other Chinese cuisines including that of Shanghai, Yangzhou, and Peking.


The chefs are great at customizing food based on the patron’s likes and dislikes and making adjustments according to seasonal and climatic changes. Its summer and fall dishes are lighter while its winter and spring dishes are rich and more flavorful. Cantonese cuisine pays a lot of attention to texture and flavor. Its basic flavors are sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, and fresh taste. Cantonese cuisine has a lighter taste compared with other Chinese cuisines.

Hahaha! How To Detect Lies, Body Language: CiCiLicious Vlog #49


1. Eyes look up to the right
2. Mouth cover
3. Nose touch
4. Eyes rub
5. Neck scratch
6. Pretend to be busy


Hahaha! Enjoy!

Greatest Kung Pao Chicken Recipe (宮保雞丁), Chinese Cooking Show: CiCiLicious Vlog #48


Szechuan cuisine carries very strong local characteristics and is mainly comprised of local food from Chongqing, Chengdu, northern and southern Chuan region. Szechuan cuisine employs close to 40 different techniques in its preparation including: braising, basting, dry-steaming, oil dripping, and different kinds of frying—stir fry, pan fry, deep fry, quick fry, dry stir-fry, soft fry and so on.


Szechuan cuisine pays particular attention to “balancing the flavors” and regards flavor as its foundation. The six basic flavors concerned are tingly spicy, hot spicy, sweet, salty, tangy, and bitter, and more flavors are produced through the combination of two or more of the basic flavors. The secret of the famous “hot” Szechwan cuisine lies in the skillful use of hot chili peppers for its vibrant red color and subtle spicy fragrance. Szechuan cuisine has 24 basic flavors, the most among all the Chinese cuisines.

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