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Learn Japanese Song & Dance: Okinawa Ryukyu Folk Music! CiCiLicious Vlog #69

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Hey everyone, today let’s learn Japanese song, culture, and dance in Okinawa Ryukyu folk music! PS: Indeed, this is behind the scene of me filming “Travel in the World”. Check out my website for the TV show!!


Junko began practicing Ryukyu Dance at the age of five when her mother, also a dancer, began taking Junko along to dance school. Starting with her first performance at the age of seven, at the Yomitan Village Town Hall, Junko had numerous performance experiences during her years in Okinawa.


Moving to Tokyo after graduating high school, Junko studied Japanese traditional dance at the Gojo Ryu School while attending college, and she attained a certificate of Natori, Gojo Miyano. Her first performance in that style was at the National Theater in Tokyo in 1985.
A member of the Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai Ryukyu Dance and Music School


Junko resides in New York City and performs at cultural events and recitals in the New York metropolitan area, focusing on the Ryukyu Performing Arts. Junko has 28 years’ experience dancing, including Japanese and Okinawan dance. She also performs on the Okinawan sanshin and sings traditional Okinawan folk songs.


She offers a broad range of programs including lectures, workshops, demonstrations, and other dance and musical performances ranging in duration from 25 minutes to two hours.


Junko has been offering a 90-minute lecture and demonstration program at the Queens Library since 2009, as a part of the adult educational program. The program includes demonstrations of dance and music, background on Ryukyuan history, and a very popular dance workshop.

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